YouTube Artist Turns Chevy Silverado EV into a Sedan and We Like It

In the years since we discovered him, the car designer/artist TheSketchMonkey has done some pretty crazy things. One of them is to turn popular pickups into sedans using his magical Photoshop skills. And he just did it again, using the new 2024 Chevy Silverado EV as the canvas.

Even though the internet doesn’t seem to like it, the Silverado EV is a big deal. GM is going to be swamped with orders, just like it was when the GMC Hummer EV came out. The design is unconventional for sure, but trucks have been largely the same shape for decades, and they can’t ignore the electric revolution for much longer.

The origin of this pickup-to-sedan rendering style is January 2021. That month, TheSketchMonkey turned the F-150 into a strange-looking sedan. He followed that act up with a Ram TRX-based wagon. But we feel like the idea comes from the Tesla Cybertruck. Its DeLorean-like shape was so original that people wanted it applied to the Model S.

Fast forward to today, and the Silverado EV wants to finish the trilogy, as it were. And if you think past the use of the Silverado name, this digital transformation is pretty logical. Chevrolet already has similar-looking EVs. Specifically, we’re referring to the older Bolt and the brand new 2024 Equinox, though there’s obviously going to be more.

Sedans? Well, probably not. American automakers have mostly given up on 3-box sedans, mainly focusing on the profitable pickups and SUVs. However, Tesla’s cars are very popular, and Chevy will have to rival the Model 3 sooner rather than later.

Getting back to the rendering process at hand, the first step is to “lasso” the body of the truck and try to bring it lower. The artist then loosely pushes the rear of the aerodynamic Silverado EV into the shape of a sedan by means of the liquify tool.

Obviously, you can’t make chicken soup out of chicken… feathers. So the Silverado sedan ends up looking bulky, not like your typical Impala or Malibu. It’s also got a hint of sports activity coupe to it, like a longer BMW X6. Speaking of which, if GM ever decides to offer an electric 4-door car, do you think it needs to have a classic name or not?



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