Two-Door GMC Hummer EV Is the Ligther, More Nostalgic CGI Truck We Were Looking For

The wow factor is arguably the greatest asset of the GMC Hummer EV. And the toy-like charm of the $100,000 monster has turned into a commercial success (more on this below), which means GM and its dealers are making efforts to diversify the offer. Even digital artists are chiming in, as is the case with this pixel effort, which portrays a two-door iteration of the battery-powered Hummer.

At the end of last month, General Motors had received over 65,000 reservations for the electric behemoth, with the order conversion rate sitting at a whopping 95%.

The automaker has already prepared to ramp up production, but, even so, those who order the Hummer brand revival model now won’t get their car until 2024.

And one might wonder why the otherworldly scale footprint of the machine hasn’t deterred EV buyers. After all, the machine has a 9.046 lbs (4,082 kg) curb weight, while the battery alone, which has a net capacity of 212.7 kWh, weighs more than a Miata, tipping the scales at 2,923 lbs (1,326 kg). However, with 1,000+ hp and 1,100 lb-ft (1,491 Nm) on tap, it’s anything but slow.

As mentioned above, the electric Hummer is a way to keep up with the trends and enjoy oneself rather than a way to be nice to the planet. Back in the day, the hybrid Toyota Prius used to be a status car for many of its owners. And while that role was taken on by the Tesla Model S, it seems to have been transferred to the GMC model now.

And this is where the two-door model rendering steps onto the scene. This quick work, which comes from graphic designer Jim (aka jlor8), who often covers 80s and 90s Americana, seems to bring a bouquet of advantages.

The GMC Hummer EV “Coupe” is loaded with appeal

For starters, shortening the wheelbase and losing a pair of doors seems to work wonders for the already impressive appearance of the truck.

In addition, the smaller footprint, which would obviously be more complicated in real life due to battery packaging details, would help the vehicle lose some of that weight. Alas, given the said limitations, we wouldn’t hold our breath for a build of the sort, which means the RPM (real project in the making) Potential of this CGI sits somewhere at 2/10.

With its “regular cabin” and its downright tiny bed, this almost cartoonishly-proportioned GMC Hummer EV reminds us of retro heroes such as the K5 Chevy Blazer—hey, the revived Ford Bronco can be had with a somewhat similar look from the factory, so perhaps this rendering will at least temporary quench our thirst for GM not bringing back the nameplate as an off-roader, but rather as yet another crossover.

Meanwhile, in the real world, GMC is preparing lighter versions of the Hummer EV that will also go easier on the wallet. We’re referring to the SUV iteration, as well as to a base version packing a smaller battery, which is scheduled to cost $79,995 and will come out in 2024.



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