Sportier 2024 Toyota Camry Adopts Crown-Like Look to Consolidate Best-Seller Status in Quick CGI

Later this year, the Toyota Camry turns 40. And while the carmaker has already celebrated via the Camry Black Edition over in Japan, it could come up with a similar release in the US (the latest North American offering is the 2023 Nightshade, which you can see in the gallery). More importantly, Toyota is currently in the final stages of developing the next-generation Camry, which should be launched next year, as a 2024 model.

For decades, the Camry has been a global model, with this serving the vehicle well. For one, the Toyota is the world’s fifth best-selling vehicle while also being North America’s top-selling passenger car. Given this status and Toyota’s rather conservative overall approach, one might wonder what to expect from the 2024 Camry.

Until Toyota delivers an answer, we’ve brought along a rendering that portrays the next Camry (the ninth global iteration) while borrowing styling cues from the all-new Crown, which has returned to the U.S. after an absence of half a century (oh, and here’s what Toyota’s wild side is cooking for the 2022 SEMA show).

As such, the futuristic design of the Toyota Crown has found way into this 2D work coming from Kolesa. And while the standard proportions of the Camry are retained, the front end immediately captures one’s attention thanks to the larger front grille and the slim headlights linked by an LED strip.

From the side, the only visible differences involve the more rounded design, which falls in line with the said front changes, as well as the redesigned door mirrors.

At the rear, the side-to-side LED taillights will easily allow the next-generation Camry to be differentiated from the current car, be it day or night. As a bonus, the rendering adds a two-tone color scheme—if this sort of styling trick, which makes the vehicle appear slimmer, is indeed present on the production vehicle, you shouldn’t expect it on all trims.

Platform and engines for the 2024 Camry

As far as the dimensions go, the next-generation Camry is expected to remain largely unchanged. For the record, the current Camry has a length of up to 192.7 inches (4,890 mm), with an 111.2-inch (2,820 mm) wheelbase. It’s 72.4 inches (1,840 mm) wide and sits 56.9 inches (1,450 mm) tall.

And while the cabin will naturally offer similar levels of room, the interior will offer an array of tech updates, while the perceived quality of the materials should improve.

The redesigned TNGA: GA-K architecture serving the current Camry should be upgraded for the next iteration of the sedan rather than Toyota introducing an all-new chassis.

Engine-wise, the most notable update expected from the generation change involves the outoing model’s V6 being retired in favor of a turbocharged 2.4-liter four-cylinder unit. It’s worth noting that Toyota also makes a hybrid version of this engine, which involves AWD.

No Camry EV in sight

Toyota is still skeptical of the full-speed EV adoption, prefering to spread its efforts between battery-electric vehicles, hybrids and hydrogen cars. As such, the 2024 Camry should get a plug-in hybrid version, but not an all-electric one.

And, given how Toyota’s Gazoo Racing motorsport and street performance arm continues to spread its wings, the rumor mill also talks about a 2024 Toyota GR Camry, which would increase the audience of the sedan even further.



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