Rebodied 2023 Nissan Z Adds Even More Retro Flair with Digital 240Z Resurgence

It’s no secret that when selecting the retro-inspired final styling of the 2023 Nissan Z, the Japanese automaker chose from over 100 proposals coming from teams based on Japan, China, the U.S., and the UK. The studios saw their sketches becoming 3D renderings, with just three making it to the final clay model stage that led to the (Japanese) winner. And the independent 3D work sitting before us today paints an alternative path, one that brings an even more nostalgic take on the appearance of the new Z car.

The production 2023 Nissan Z pays homage to the original 1969 Nissan Fairlady Z, known in America as the Datsun 240Z, with the overall silhouette and the front end styling topping the list. However, the visual trip to the past doesn’t stop there, with another example involving the taillights of the newcomer, which remind one of the Z32-generation 300ZX born in 1989.

Nevertheless, this rendering, which comes from a digital artist known as PistonZero, doesn’t portray a modern car with old-timer influences, doing things the other way around, at least as far as the styling is concerned.

As such, this pixel contraption looks like somebody completely modernized the original 1960s design. The greenhouse, with its more upright raked windshield, is perhaps the clearest indication of the artist’s nostalgic intentions.

This should be a rebodied 2023 Nissan Z

And, if we are to talk about the RPM (real project in the making) potential of the model, the mutual popularity boost the original 240Z and the 2023 Z enjoy since the latter was introduced means somebody could use the new platform to come up with a take like the one seen here.

Rebodying the new Z might require a bit of reshaping for the render, though—it looks like the digital wheelbase is slightly smaller than the one of the real car.

Nevertheless, since we’re talking about a massively complex design effort, we’ll keep the RPM rating at 6/10.

Breaking down the styling

While the front-end light clusters are basically a neoteric take on the classic headlights, the taillights feature an all-modern approach. Then there’s the diffuser, whose sides climb upwards into the rear fascia, creating a strong identity.

The sleek, cab-rearward approach is met by somewhat restrained aero elements that steer clear of disturbing the minimalist, old-school design. And we’ll mention the front splitter, which integrates and air intake, as well as the tiny rear hatch lip.

The said artist went as far as modeling this modern-day 240Z from scratch, with the effort being his first dive into this eye-catching world. And, aside from the initial studio setup, he also portrayed the model inside what could be its owner’s car-friendly home, this taking the fantasy one step further.



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