Ram TRX 6×6 Digitally Brings Back the T-Rex Concept for SEMA Fame

With less than a month until the 2021 SEMA show opens its gates (there are no clues on a health crisis-caused cancelation-quite the contrary), we’ll definitely see a few Ram 1500 TRX-based projects on the now-more-generous floor of the event. However, the digital proposal we have here, while based on the Hellcat-animated truck, takes us back to 1996 SEMA, paying tribute to the Dodge Ram T-Rex 6×6 concept.

Sure, with the TRX being born in the era of the 6×6, the truck has already received a six-by-six version from Florida-based Apocalypse Manufacturing, while others are on the way (think: Hennessey Mammoth). And if you think these terrain tamers are impressive, just try to remember (or imagine) the impact such a machine would’ve had more than two decades ago, when the said show car was introduced.

Starting off with a Ram 3500, which packed an 8.0L Magnum V10—unlike the Viper V10, which came in aluminum form, this had an iron block—with 497 hp and 593 lb-ft (804 Nm), this offered full-time 4WD on its pair of rear axles, while the driver could also connect the front wheels for full 6×6 terrain taming abilities.

Alas, the final part of the concept’s name (Technology Research Experimental) stuck, so this never made it into production, but its spirit inspired generations of enthusiasts, whether through the proverbial bedroom wall posters or video games—as it happens, digital artist Timothy Adry Emmanuel (a.k.a. adry53customs) has enjoyed the behemoth via Test Drive: Off-Road 3, a game that came around a few years after the truck.

As such, the pixel master decided to bring back the spirit of the T-Rex as part of an imagination exercise involving the TRX.

To be more precise, the artist was inspired by Apocalypse Manufacturing’s creation, which is dubbed Warlord and features a custom rear frame built from 0.25-inch thick steel, featuring 18-inch wheels shod in 37-inch mud-terrain tires—the rubber can come in 40-inch size for those who are extra determined to go anywhere.

And since we’ve added a pair of photos showcasing the concept to the image gallery, you’ll be able to notice the hue being covered in mud here is the same that adorned the 1996 show car.

Oh, and while we’re counting wheels, this digital creation one-ups the real-world ones, since it comes with two spares in its elongated bed.



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