Old and New Toyota Supra Get Matching “Hyper Supra” Widebody Makeovers

The Toyota Supra is entering its third model year yet remains one of the most talked-about sports cars. A variety of body kits exist for your widebody pleasure, yet none are designed for both generations of the car. That’s right, we’re talking about the same kind of design for the iconic A80 Supra and the new A90 Supra.

I’m not (just) trying to justify some random rendering I found. Think about it: don’t people love collecting Supras? And aren’t some of them going to have both the new and the old one? So why wouldn’t they want matching body kits?

Well, one possible reason is price, which is never a deciding factor in the world of renderings. But we’ve always felt that the widebody kits envisioned by the_hycade are worthy of production.

Speaking of which, we’ve been following this artist ever since he burst onto the scene about a year ago. And while he stopped giving his creations custom names, we think it’s something worth continuing. So, in honor of the “Hypervette” widebody, we named these the “Hyper Supra.” It was either that or “Ultra Supra.”

A simple word like that, added at the beginning of a car’s name, can turn a rendering or a tuner’s car into a cult classic. Hot Wheels toys are still being made for unique projects which are famous even 50 years later.

Anyway, let’s talk about this little widebody makeover designed for the two Supras. Both cars have this special kit with fender flares that look racecar-like. The hycade trademark is having a little grille on the sides of the headlights, which is something Audi does on its RS models.

Aggressive aero is present on the front ends of both the A80 and A90, though it’s tailored to each of their features. The pair get matching bulging hood designs, wider lightweight alloy wheels, and big “wangs.” Everybody loves a big wang!

It’s interesting to look at the A80 from the back. We’ve never seen a tuner project that modernizes this 1990s classic to that degree. LED lights, a Lamborghini-like diffuser, a complete makeover for the exhaust system, and lots of vents – you’d probably need $100,000 just for these mods to be perfectly executed.



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