Monalisa Super Yacht CGI Has a Bugatti Room Hosting Twin Bolides

The world of super yachts knows no boundaries these days, be it in terms of the amenities that owners commission or the big names from other industries that join the party, with Bugatti being an example as good as any. And, since the Molsheim carmaker has had its own yacht for half a decade now, a digital artist recently took that link to a different level in his Monalisa super yacht rendering.

Back in 2017 when Bugatti collaborated with Monaco-based shipyard Palmer Johnson to announce the Niniette 66 yacht featuring a Chiron-like appearance, the car industry was still enjoying its high-octane ride. Meanwhile, though, electrification has become the name of the game, with the automaker has joined forces with Croatian EV specialist Rimac under the Bugatti-Rimac name, in a bid to transition into the electrified era.

And, the Monalisa CGI fully takes this into account, with renewable energy ensuring its propulsion. Digital artist Iskander Utebayev (aka bat.not.bad), naturally took the said aspect into account. After all, when your creations more or less represent the real world in the digital universe, you need to make sure the transition is accurate.

Nevertheless, before we move on to the tech details the artist has dreamt up for the vessel, allow us to mention its connection to Bugatti. This can be found on the very deck of the super yacht, which, as you’ll notice in the second Instagram post below, seems to pack a dedicated Bugatti room.

Between them, the two Bolides displayed on the yacht deliver 3,650 hp

The well-lit structure holds not one, but two Bugatti Bolides. Given the limited production numbers of this track-only hypercar that reinvents the Chiron architecture (as this drag race shows, the Chiron is brilliant, but not perfect), this floating wonder would accommodate 5% of the world’s Bolide population.

And while the yacht itself and the helicopter landing on it in the first Insta post below, are obviously worth a fortune, the pair of Bolides alone would set one back over $9 million (getting up close and personal with a Bolide shows why).

The artist doesn’t normally accompany his stratospheric creations with too many numbers. However, the Bugatti-hauling Monalisa super yacht is one of the exceptions.

This is a massive, uber-quick vessel

Thus, the 3D master has provided the full exterior dimensions of the craft, which is 531 feet (162 m) long—for the record, the real world’s longest real yacht to date is the 590-foot (180.6 m). And, considering that Larsson built that for the Abu Dhabi royal family back in 2013, the owner of the Monalisa would be pretty well off with such a creation.

As for propulsion, the Monalisa relies on six electric motors and a hydrogen engine, while also packing a wind turbine and super-sized solar panels also acting as sails.

And, to continue the comparison against Azzam, whose impressive top speed sits at 30 knots, this imaginary creation can do 46 knots (52 mph of 86 kph)—do we need to mention the grain of salt required by these numbers? We prefer to invite you to enjoy the view delivered by the impressive CGI clips instead…



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