Lincoln “Luxsteed” Is a Ford Mustang in Lavish Clothes, Keeps V8 Muscle

With Detroit working on a plan to retire its current generation of muscle cars in favor of electrified models, it’s clear that the days of the V8 are numbered. And many of the questions regarding the future of the genre target the Ford Mustang (after all, this is the segment’s best-seller), whose seventh generation is expected to land next year.

The rumors on the next ‘Stang, which is codenamed S650, are downright wild, ranging from hybridized setups that involve internal combustion engines with less than eight cylinders to a new global platform that might make the pony heavier.

And, as the Blue Oval, which has managed to keep the project away from the prying eyes of enthusiasts, at least thus far, polishes the final details of the Gen 7 Mustang, aficioandos out there have their own ideas for the iconic nameplate.

So, how about a Mustang derivative built by Lincoln, which would add sore seriously lavish features to the two-door?

This is precisely what graphic designer Jim (aka jlord8) proposes, with his quick rendering showcasing such a lavish coupe—this also explains why we gave the result the Lux+steed nickname in the title. And, at least to these eyes, the melange is a thing of beauty.

We’ll remind you that Ford itself played this card back in the day, albeit under a different brand. We’re referring to the Mercury Cougar, whose first two generations were based on the original Mustang.

Oh, and in case you’re wondering what the Lincoln sedan sitting next to the GT350—oh, the sweet flat-plane crank V8 muscle— in the second image below is, we’re looking at the Zephyr here. A mid-size luxury sedan destined for China, this is set to enter local production next year. And it will replace both the retired MKZ and the Continental that used to be imported from America.

Over the past decade, the age of the average Mustang buyer has increased and, for the S650, the carmaker naturally aims to address this.

So, would a more luxurious Lincoln version allow the next ‘Stang to keep things fresh and focus on those millennials? That doesn’t sound unreasonable.



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