Fisker Electric Pickup Shows Its Lifestyle Truck Look in Ocean-Based Rendering

Famous automotive designer Henrik Fisker is busier than ever in 2022, as this year marks his return to mass production. His Fisker Inc. electric vehicle maker has already showcased the first pre-production units of the Ocean crossover last month, while many enthusiasts wonder how the company plans to approach the pickup truck it teased on the very first day of 2021. For now, we’ve brought along an independent rendering portraying the truck, which Fisker has labeled as a lifestyle offering.

Returning to the first production vehicle of the company, the Ocean crossover will enter large-scale production this November, based on a platform sourced from Austrian specialist Magna Steyr. Magna, whose recent collaborations have involved assembling cars such as the Mercedes G-Class, as well as the BMW Z4 and Toyota Supra siblings, is also building the Ocean.

And, as you’ll notice in all but the first image of the gallery below (this showcased the Fisker truck), the company has already assembled 50 pre-production units—generally used for testing and final tweaking purposes—with the announcement having been made last month. For the record, the crossover, which is destined for the North American and the European markets, will come with a starting price of $37,499 and offer a range of 300 miles.

And the company plans to quickly increase its lineup. It has already announced a budget-friendly model codenamed Project Pear for 2024, with this set to be built in America at a factory operated by Foxconn.

As for the Fisker pickup truck, which has been teased alongside a coupe-like crossover probably sharing its platform with the Ocean and a supercar, a few details on the model were released in the said Tweet, which you can find below. Then again, the language used in the tweet means that a production incarnation is still not 100 percent guaranteed at this point.

However, the company promises a “radical” approach and, more importantly, aims to deliver the lightest, most efficient EV pickup in the world! Making it, the most sustainable,”

This, of course, would be a key asset, as simply choosing electricity over fossil fuels is only part of the energy efficiency equation, even though many carmakers that have become active in the EV segment so far seemed to have ignored the weight-related matters.

Given the energy density limitations of current batteries, which are expected to change from 2025 onwards—Fisker itself has pushed back the release of a solid-state battery pack to that year—established automakers like GM or more recent names such as Tesla have largely chosen to ignore the said weight aspect. Instead, large, heavy batteries have been fitted to generously-sized vehicles that combine luxury with plenty of pulling power for impressive performance figures.

This independent rendering links the teased pickup truck to the Ocean

Given that the Ocean stands for a production certainty, this rendering builds on the crossover, adding a bed to the vehicle. And, given how Fisker stated the truck would be a lifestyle offering rather than a heavy-duty model, the connection also makes sense.

It’s worth noting that Fisker has yet to make it clear if the pickup will share the Ocean’s platform, but this remains a strong possibility.

As hinted by the automaker, we’re expecting the Fisker truck to be smaller than the Rivian R1T or the Tesla Cybertruck.

Digital artist SRK Designs, who is responsible for the work, has shared a YouTube video documenting the transition from the Ocean crossover to the truck, which you’ll find below.

While Henrik Fisker’s previous large-scale venture, Fisker Automotive, has been axed due to business matters, it appears that the new Fisker Inc. has left that behind. Nevertheless, the company still has to fully earn the trust of buyers, as well as that of its investors, as it went public in October 2020.



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