Electric Dodge Charger Daytona SRT Convertible Dreams Big for 2024

While we’ve had a bit of time to get used to the electric roar of the electric Dodge Charger Daytona concept and the combustion-only debut of the 2024 Mustang is now the talk of the town, one musn’t assume we know everything about the Mopar electric muscle car. After all, the e-muscle Charger isn’t going into production until 2024, which means there’s enough time for any potential novelties. So, how about a 2024 Dodge Charger EV Convertible like the one portrayed in this rendering?

With Dodge having finally given us a Challenger Convertible for the final 2023 model year of the current car (this is not a factory model, but a warranty-backed conversion), one has to wonder if the company’s future electric muscle car also includes such a development.

And, until we get our answer, a digital artist has pixel-chopped the Dodge Charger Daytona SRT EV concept into a cabriolet. Knows as Theottle, the digital master didn’t have an easy task. For one, the semi-fastback styling of the said show car is there to boost practicality, while seeking inspiration in the original 1966 Charger.

Nevertheless, the artist managed to come up with a convincing 2024 Charger EV Convertible proposal, documenting the pixel surgery in the video at the bottom of the story.

Why aren’t there more open-top muscle cars?

Convertible muscle cars have sold in limited numbers ever since the 1960s birth of the segment. However, if we factory in that the new Mustang carries on the drop-top tradition, Dodge might want to give its customers this alternative.

And, as much as we’d love to include Chevy, the future of the Camaro is still handing in the air—with GM remaining mum, we have to rely on renderings that imagine a 2024 Camaro EV, so there’s little energy for Cabriolet talk at the moment.

Sure, there’s never been a Charger Convertible, with the closest the factory has gotten to such a body style being the T-bar roof of the fourth-generation Charger coupe of the late 1970s.

Nowadays, though, despite the Charger being a sedan, the specialist that handles the said officially-approved Challenger conversion (Florida-based Droptop Customs) also offers a Charger four-door Convertible, so there is a certain demand for open-air muscle.

And with the chances for an official Charger EV Convertible appearing limited, we may see the Florida outlet working its magic on the battery-powered muscle car once this lands in showrooms.



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