Carbon-Widebodied Audi RS6 “Quattro Trooper” Is Half Wagon, Half Race Car CGI

Now that Audi has broken the EV barrier and has more than one battery-powered model in its showrooms, the automaker is preparing for a complete offensive, which will naturally include wagons, as highlighted by last week’s A6 Avant E-Tron Concept. However, die-hard enthusiasts still aren’t prepared to let go of the most intense combustion-powered estate the Germans are making, namely the RS6 Avant, which is the most extrovert-looking production wagon the brand has ever released. Well, the carbon widebody showcased in this rendering manages to make the showroom model look restrained.

While many other carmakers that delivered brilliant station wagons jumped the SUV bandwagon and completely abandoned the segment we’re discussing, Audi has not. In fact, if you’re looking for an estate right now, be it a performance version or not, the Ingolstadt carmaker is one of your best choices.

When the current C8 RS6 debuted back in 2019 (2020MY), this made quite a splash with its factory widebody look, backed by an updated version of its predecessor’s 4.0L twin-turbo V8, which delivers 600 hp. In addition, this market the RS6 label’s stateside return after a hiatus lasting for the better half of two decades.

This RS6 is wider than life

The visual drama of the C8 RS6 Avant hasn’t gone unnoticed by the aftermarket and digital creators, especially since Audi’s models have traditionally sported an understated design, even in RS trim—and people love flipping that script. Thus, more and more tuners and rendering artists have strived to make the Autobahn blitzer even more aggressive.

Enter the RS6 Quattro Trooper—given that the stock RS6 already packs multiple similarities to this part of the Star Wars universe, we’ve decided to give this quattro AWD monster the said nickname. For the record, the pixel master behind the creation labels this as the Vision RS6 (more on the artist below).

From certain angles, one might just mistake this Audi for your regular tuner effort. However, the 3D work adds so much real estate as far as its widebody is concerned that you could probably make a whole extra car out of it (something like a Dacia Spring EV, probably).

Frankly, it’s simpler to list the parts of the car that don’t appear to have been changed: the roof and the greenhouse. Once again, though, upon closer inspection, we notice that the roof sports a visible carbon finish—the entire car is made of the wonder material—while the side windows are now composite to keep the weight in check.

This pixel idiosyncrasy is deeply rooted in Audi’s motorsport tradition

The details mentioned above are not a random collection of mods, though. Sure, digital artist Karan Adivi (he simply goes by karanadivi on social media) has a fetish for carbon widebodies. But this 2022 Audi RS6 is also a family car-style tribute to Audi racecars of the past, with series such as the IMSA GT, DTM, and Super Silhouette having supplied the digital creator’s four-wheeled, four-ringed muses.

Nevertheless, while Adivi went for an all-German (motorsport) visual approach using silver as the dominant color, fellow digital artist Shashank Das (aka sdesyn) brought a more striking livery to our screens, albeit with this using white as a base color.

Das’ work also touches the wheels and, more importantly, answers the inevitable question via the intro photo—how would this uber-widebody RS6 look without the wing? After all, switching to the rear wing to an acrylic format and thus making it transparent has quite an effect on the look of the Audi. So you can now pick your poison. Besides, if you head over to Adivi’s Instagram page, you’ll find a third incarnation of the vehicle.

Update: As far as the RPM (Real Project in the Making) Potential of the rendering is concerned, we’ll give this one a 9/10. For one, YouTuber Alex Choi, who is famous for eccentric builds such a Lamborghini Huracan with an exoskeleton, recently started working on an RS6—check out the video at the bottom of the story. So, while this is just a hunch at this point, we might see the enthusiast going down this route.



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