BMW E393 Speedster Is a Crazy Concept Mixing E30 and E93 3 Series into an Exotic

Here we have an independent concept that’s so good, so crazy that we just had to share it, even though it makes no sense. It’s called the BMW E393 Speedster and it’s the work of the independent artist @tlibekua (Kasim Tlibekua), who you might know already.

His 3D rendering work is behind the impressive widebody Tesla Model S Plaid from SEMA, which everybody loved or hated. The same kind of ambitious no-limits design can be seen on the E393. So what is this?

Basically, it’s a BMW E92/E93, which is the 2-door version of the 3 Series, built from 2006 to 2013. It’s a super-simple design that you might know from the M3 that had a V8 in it. There are many enthusiasts who still love this generation of 3er, mainly because it’s cheap and has some of the first turbo engines.

However, the E30 has even more fans. This proto 3 Series had a very distinctive retro front end with four round headlights, which have been implemented in a very unusual way for this speedster. The two middle lights are further to the front, creating a vintage kind of swept-back look.

The independent design is very reminiscent of a car that BMW did actually build, at least as a concept. We’re talking about the 328 Hommage. Too bad the Z4 doesn’t look like that; people might have bought it instead of the Supra.

The E93 body is almost unrecognizable.

While the design isn’t very busy, a lot is going on at both ends of the car. The front has those E30 headlights, followed up by a very deep bumper with M-like air intakes. A widebody kit then struggles to contain golden wheels that look like BBS ones under carbon flares.

In the rear, there’s almost nothing left of the BMW design. Massive boxes flare out the bodywork, while the deck is reminiscent of the Audi R8 Spyder because of those rows of vents. A massive wing and spoiler have been added, and there’s a wraparound taillight unit.

This is a speedster, so there’s no roof, not even a windshield. It’s just you, the elements, and probably a 4.0-liter V8. I’ve seen stuff like this actually built, and the E393 Speedster has #SEMA2023 tags on it so… you saw it here first.



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