2024 Plymouth GTX Retromod Dreams of Challenger Hellephant Muscle

Dodge recently set an expiry date for the current Gen III HEMI-animated Challenger and Charger. However, en route to its post-December 2023 demise, Mopar’s current muscle car gang is enjoying more freedom than ever, from the return of the Durango Hellcat for 2023 to the Dodge-approved Challenger Convertible third-party conversion. Well, almost all the freedom, as this rendering reviving the OG Plymouth GTX based on the current Challenger comes to show.

Despite the Plymouth brand having been sent to motor heaven back in 2001, rumors of Dodge bringing back the iconic Barracuda… as a Challenger Convertible had been around for over a decade, only being dismissed by the said official announcement, which lacked any such details.

However, this independent 2D work aims to bring the iconic Mopar brand back under the spotlights via the first GTX that was a 1967-only affair. Mind you, this isn’t the first model enthusiasts think about when the name is mentioned, with that distinction arguably being split between the Coke bottle-shaped Gen II (1968-1970) and the fuselage-styled machine offered exclusively for 1971—hey, here’s a modern Challenger impersonating a ’71 GTX in the real world!

The rectangular look of the original GTX, a sportier Bellvedere derivative, was the brand’s first attempt at transitioning from the massive post-War styling to the muscle car era. And while the first Dodge Challenger wouldn’t land until 1970—and on a different platform shared with the said Barracuda—the retro design seems to suit the modern Challenger base just fine.

Retromods are hot these days and the GTX would make a fine piece

However, given the Hellcat fury of the current Dodges, we’d expect those hood scoops to skip the faux nature they had on the ’67. Plus, the stripes, which were optional back in the day, can be considered a warning to Ford and Chevy drivers. After all, the pixel master does mention the 426 in his work. No, this is probably not the NASCAR-bred 7.2L Gen II HEMI that the 1967 GTX enjoyed as its top motor. Instead, we should be dealing with the Hellephant. You know, the 1,000 hp crate motor that you can still get via Dodge’s revived Direct Connection performance parts program, which obviously honors the said old-timer.

Digital artist tuningcar_ps, who is responsible for the work, is on to something here. You see, retromods—modern machines made to look like old timers—seem to have recently gained traction as an alternative to retromods, which involve retro toys being gifted with modern goodies. For one, the former allow a driver to enjoy the nostalgic appearance with all the modern safety features and creature comforts.

And the examples range from American offerings like Trans Am Worldwide’s Gen VI Camaro-based 70 Chevelle SS to Italy’s Alfa Romeo Giulia by ErreErre Fuoriserie, which is a trip back to 1962.

Next-generation Dodge muscle cars with internal combustion muscle are not out of the question yet

With that out of the way, we’ll remind you that, in its path to introducing all-new muscle in 2024, Dodge hasn’t done more than dismiss the rumors about a Hellcat survival.

So while a recent concept previewed a 2024 Charger coupe with electric Banshee muscle, a combustion model employing Stellantis’s new turbocharged 3.0L straight-six Hurricane motors is still possible. After all, it’s no secret that the ICE (internal combustion engine) Mustang will live on for a seventh generation starting with the 2024 model year, so we can only hope to see this doind battle with at least one Dodge muscle car.



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