WhistlinDiesel Complains About Blowing “$270,000” on R32 Nissan GT-R: Don’t Buy a Skyline

WhistlinDiesel’s content basically boils down to a few things: doing shocking stuff and annoying the crap out of people. It’s basically doing exactly what your mom says not to, which is why he is so popular on YouTube. So what’s he done this time? How about blowing too much money on an “unreliable” old sports car, $730,000, according to his statements.

A lot of people really love the R32 Nissan GT-R as well as the Skyline series in general. These are some of the most iconic cars Japan has ever produced. They have famous engines, and advanced racing technology and frankly look really cool.

But WhistlinDiesel has been annoying the GT-R community since last year. It seems that anger is what has pushed his YouTube career to levels that have basically never been seen for automotive content.

Last December, Cody announced he had destroyed not one but two GT-Rs in a short time. He said one car was bought and immediately blew the transmission about a week later. The second car was a heavily modified 720 horsepower unit with lots of mods and it destroyed its camshaft at the nose.

I don’t think this reflects badly on the R32 GT-R or the RB26. You can’t just buy somebody else’s heavily modified car and expect it to last. The drivetrain has a number of known issues, such as letting got at cylinder number 6, and you really need to consult a specialist with experience dealing with Godzilla’s heart.

“Would you pay $60k over market value for a clapped out 30-year-old Nissan with more problems than Facebook?” the YouTuber says, making fun of GT-R owner. But, ironically, he actually owns three of them now.

Cody Detwiler is known for mixing exaggerations with his truths, so I don’t think he actually spent $730,000 on the three R32s or that this one set him back $270,000. The most expensive version of this car ever to sell on BAT cost something like $86,000 and it was a super-rare Nismo model. And I’m not even 100% sure these are real GT-Rs.

But the fact is, his Midnight Purple Skyline now has an all-new motor, which does cost a lot of money. And yes, it does have way too many gauges to measure oil pressure, but that’s just the JDM way.

The video ends with a non-scientific bend test to prove that cast camshafts break easier than billet ones. That could be true, but machining a shaft out of a big piece of metal is also way more expensive. And there could also be another reason why it failed since the motor wasn’t built to make 700 hp to begin with.


  1. he coincidentally “destroyed” both front wheel drive components off camera
    you never see the front wheels spinning on their own

    one of them has the GTST badge on the side too. it’s really clear they were never GTRs.

    the one with the whole new engine bay is dope as hell though, i don’t know why you wouldn’t convert one to awd though…


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