Satin Black Dodge Charger Redeye on Blue Forgiatos Could Belong to Polo G

Polo G is one of the most famous owners of the Dodge Charger muscle sedan. The rapper got rid of his prized car after wrecking it last year. But it seems he bought another one, once again the Redeye Widebody version of the SRT Charger Hellcat.

We don’t know this for sure, but this beauty just popped up on Road Show International’s Instagram account. They make customized vehicles for the rich and famous out of their Atlanta shop, and there’s so much money dumped into the Charger that it’s bound to belong to somebody well known.

Polo G wrecked his first Charger Hellcat Redeye. It was bought and brought back to life by the YouTuber Khal_SRT, generating a lot of content views in the process. That car had a satin black wrap, custom wheels, and a red interior with embroidered messages on the seats.

This one is also satin black, has even crazier wheels and its custom blue seat upholstery says “The Chosen 1”, referencing the mane of one of Polo G’s most famous songs.

Blue seems to be the primary accent color for the outside of this car too. It features blue powder-coated Brembo brakes, blue emblems, and blue accents on these 24-inch “Gloss Nipsey” wheels which are obviously 3-piece Forgiatos. Look closely and you might notice this Redeye has gloss racing stripes with pinstriping as well, though it’s all done as a wrap. Of course, you can’t roll properly without full nano-ceramic tinted glassā€¦ including the windshield.

There’s even some blue under the hood, as the engine covers have been customized and the massive supercharger has been painted/coated. It appears that this $90,000 (without the mods) Hellcat Redeye was painted Apply Frostbite from the factory. The engine is described as stock, not that we’re complaining. One of the most powerful sedans in the world packs a 6.2-liter V8 with an upgraded supercharger, good for 797 horsepower.

Road Show really went to town on that interior. They not only wrapped the seats in blue leather but also changed up the center console, lower dash, and steering wheel. The sound system was upgraded, and even the belts were changed.



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