The Lexus LFA That Crashed in Atlanta Was a Daily Driver

Many owners of the not-too-many Lexus LFAs around the world keep these majestic supercars locked away to protect their serious investments. Not the enthusiast who has this Silver LFA with a red interior, though—the man was seen taking the machine to multiple car meets in recent years. Alas, the LFA recently crashed on its home turf, namely Atlanta, Georgia.

Allow us to briefly explain the legendary status of the LFA before moving on (ready, steady, go!). Lexus commissioned a laser-monitored circular loom—one of the only two in the world at the time—to build the CFRP (carbon fiber reinforced polymer) monocoque of the LFA. It only made 500 units of the front-engined, RWD supercar between 2010 and 2012. And buying an LFA these days will cost you between $600,000 and $1.2M based on the 2023 transactions.

Then again, if you go for the LFA Nurburgring Package, whose magnesium BBS wheels are fitted to the recently crashed “regular” LFA we have here, the price record climbs to $1,875,000.

Then there’s the 4.8L V10 up front. Sure, its output (553-563 hp) might not seem that monstrous these days when electric sedans can offer twice as much. But the N/A soundtrack provided by that V10 has become even more memorable now that electrification has taken over and the second-gen LFA is believed to be a 900 hp hybrid. To be fair, the 6-speed Aisin gearbox—like all automated manuals—hasn’t aged all that well, but we’re nitpicking here.

The Lexus LFA crash in Atlanta happened in heavy rain

Given how the owner of the Silver Lexus LFA liked to share this with the local community in Atlanta, many aficionados know the car well. And, on Instagram and Reddit, some talk about the man using the supercar as his daily driver. It’s worth noting the man’s garage also includes a Porsche 911 GT2 RS and a Lexus IS F sporting a Bluey wrap—yes, these are the Bluey cartoons, which the enthusiast chose to humor his two kids, but we’ll get back to this part of his life.

Alas, earlier this week, the Silver Lexus LFA crashed in Atlanta while being driven in what appears to be heavy rain. It’s not clear if the owner was behind the wheel when the accident happened, nor is there any info about the driver being injured.

However, the LFA has suffered what appears to be more than mild damage, and we’re not referring to the broken rear bumper. Instead, in one of the only two images of the LFA crash that has surfaced so far, we can see damage to the right side of the vehicle. The CFRP door and side skirt are ruined. And, if you’ll excuse the pun, the million-dollar question is whether the frame is damaged or not. Fortunately, it doesn’t look like the airbags deployed.

This is the infamous Lexus LFA kids jumped on

Many of those who reportedly met the owner at car events have shown their support, especially since, as mentioned above, he often liked to thrill people with his LFA.

Nevertheless, some of the comments, especially on Instagram, are unkind, but it’s not (just) because people appear to judge somebody who drove the Japanese supercar in the rain and crashed. Instead, some netizens are also shocked when seeing the owner’s small children—a girl, and a boy—being allowed to climb and jump on the LFA. Then again, the Yoda sticker on the rear bumper of the LFA tells us such reactions aren’t exactly a surprise to the owner.

The man had repeatedly told other enthusiasts he was planning to leave the LFA to his daughter, which some have considered an explanation for why he doesn’t seem concerned about the Lexus supercar’s resale value—we could probably say the same about the guy behind this bagged Lexus LFA pulling air suspension tricks.

We can only hope there’s a way for the crashed Lexus LFA to return to the road, especially since this is the opposite of a garage queen. And if this feels like deja vu, it may be thanks to another Silver LFA that received a new lease on life about a decade ago, after having been flooded. That’s Yoichi Imamura’s LFA drift car—even though it lost its V10, this was replaced by a TRD NASCAR V8, whose 1,000 hp output allowed the Lexus to become a unicorn in Japan’s D1GP drifting championship.

Images on Reddit via yanayb, WhateverisUp and hdwebb24



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