New-Gen Mazda6 Sedan Expected in Fall 2025 With RWD and 2.5-Liter Hybrid Engine

A couple of years ago, Mazda decided to cut one of our favorite cars from the lineup. The Mazda6 mid-size sedan was not available for the 2022 model year, along with the small CX-3 crossover. But a new report suggests the popular Japanese car will return in a few years with more modern engines, sleek styling, and a brand new layout.

The Mazda6 was axed from the North American market in May 2021. While it continues to be sold in other markets, it seemed like this wouldn’t last long. After all, the British also stopped offering this car at the beginning of 2023.

But there is still demand for elegant, large sedans, and Mazda is reportedly working on a new 6 behind the scenes. The Japanese scoop website Best Car Web reports that an all-new generation of Mazda6 would debut around Fall 2025. Honda has officially announced the American Accord is coming to Japan with a 1.5-liter engine, and we know the new Camry is also on its way.

The mid-sized sedan segment is going to become quite competitive, and knowing that Mazda is working on something special. Best Car reports the 6 will be an “FR sedan”, meaning it’s front-engined, rear-wheel drive.

Excluding the MX-5 and RX models, Mazdas have always used front-wheel-drive platforms which are cheaper to produce. But the 2026 Mazda6 will be aimed squarely at the premium segment, just like its crossover siblings.

Rumors of a RWB Mazda6 are nothing new. In fact, Best Car previously claimed this car would be ready by the end of 2023. This 2-year delay may have been caused by the parts shortages and other issues that have plagued the auto industry.

Our source claims the new Mazda6 will be directly related to the CX-60, which is like a shorter European version of the CX-90. The powertrain for the 2026 Mazda6 will be directly borrowed from those cars, a 2.5-liter plug-in hybrid without going into detail.

New Mazda6 engines

On the CX-90 PHEV, the 2.5-liter is paired to a 68 kW electric motor and together they produce 323 horsepower. The main downside is that it also costs a lot: $48,000. Thus, we believe that a cheaper powertrain like the 2.5-liter turbo is needed to bring the new Mazda6 to about $40,000.

According to our source, other powertrains are also going to be developed, namely a 3.3-liter mild-hybrid diesel. This sounds like something they would offer in Europe. A naturally aspirated 3.3-liter gasoline motor may be considered, and a Mazda6 EV will also arrive when battery technology improves. But the main drive for the project is actually China, and we understand part of the development will be carried out by their partner Changan Auto.

If nothing else, we’re excited about the 2026 Mazda6’s potential design. Technical details aren’t available, but the Japanese renderings hint at a much larger wheelbase, potentially rivaling that of a BMW 5 Series.

Narrow headlights and a 3D grille design give this digital Mazda flagship sedan a much more aggressive appearance than the current model. With a sloped roof paired with a sporty stance, it’s easy to consider this futuristic Mazda to be a rival/replacement for the Kia Stinger or VW Arteon.



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