Mk4 Supra With Twin-Turbo V12 Has Nissan GT-R AWD, Makes 1000 HP on Dyno

The Mk4 Supra has been one of the kings of the American custom car community for over two decades. We’re still amazed by the 6s monsters that send it down the drag strip. However, every once in a while, a newcomer arrives with something different, like this AWD V12 Supra.

Those 6s Supras always come with a 2JZ engine. A whole industry has been created around this iconic Toyota engine and its turbocharged performance. If you want big power, a custom block and giant turbos are still the way to go.

However, Mike from Speed Force Racing wanted his Mk4 to stand out in an ocean of 2JZ. And so he splashed a little blood in the water by replacing six cylinders with double that. That’s right, this is another V12 Supra, just like the famous Top Secret gold-painted car that hit 220 mph all those years ago.

The engine needed for this swap is called the 1GZ V12 and is almost as famous as the 2JZ. Toyota wanted to compete with the best German luxury brands and so developed an ultra-smooth V12. It doesn’t make tons of power on its own and only powers a specific executive sedan bought by CEOs and officials in Japan. This one was imported from a 2012 Toyota Crown Majesta.

ThatFastSupra is a $1 million build

The engine bay is absolutely amazing. A V12 is obviously going to be a tight fit, plus it’s modified with custom valve springs, cams, and internals. And you can’t miss the gold. Impeccably welded titanium pipes lead to monstrous gold twin turbochargers pushing 18 psi of boost.

Believe it or not, we haven’t even gotten to the most interesting part, because the Supra comes with AWD, something it never got from the factory. The transmission and transfer case were taken from a V-Spec II version of the R34 while the front diff is apparently from the R35 GT-R Nismo. This kind of modification is what Speed Force Racing is selling, and AWD conversions are supposed to work with the 2JZ too.

The video below is going viral, and it’s a dyno pull where the V12 screams like an F1 car… or the Lexus LFA. On regular 91 gas, the Supra’s output is only 946 horsepower and 817 lb-ft of torque. You have to take into consideration drivetrain loss here, and that’s also the reason the front wheels aren’t pulling. But next time, Dardantuned will probably show this V12 Supra running on E85 race fuel with more boost.

This is not only a fast car but also expensive. All those carbon fiber and gold accents contributed to this $1 million build. Still, you can’t put a price on perfection.



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