Four-Rotor Toyota Supra Is Adam LZ’s 11,000 RPM Flaming Drift Bet

Tired of the same old Mk V Toyota Supra builds animated by the factory B58 3.0L straight-six? That’s a pity since this BMW mill is simply brilliant. However, if your answer was positive, you may wish to witness the insanity of Adam LZ’s four-rotor Supra!

Adam Lizotte-Zeisler (aka Adam LZ) is one of YouTube’s most popular car vloggers, all this after having kicked things off with BMX videos shot in his backyard. And as his fans will easily tell you, he’s also a massive sideways enthusiast, with multiple Formula Drift seasons under his belt. Plus, his car collection is eclectic.

However, after running builds animated by Nissan’s SR20DET and Toyota’s 2JZ, he decided to take on a fresh challenge, so here we are, talking about it.

Adam LZ’s A90 Supra is animated by a naturally aspirated four-rotor built by Virginia-based Angel Motorsports (the shop is run by brothers Michael and John Vargas).

The engine enjoyed its first start back in December 2022 and, as you can notice in the first video below, it sounded just as rowdy as expected. Meanwhile, the project received serious attention. For one, there’s a better balance between the intake and the exhaust soundtracks, albeit with the latter still appearing dominant.

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The dry-sumped N/A four-rotor was introduced as an 11,000 rpm monster, but we’ve yet to see the thing taken past 8,000 or 9,000 rpm. In fact, many Wankel engines are kept below 10,000 to ensure boost reliability, which can be an issue with these shrieking monsters.

Adam LZ’s 2023 Formula Drift plans

Right now, the four-rotor makes about 450 hp, which is less than half the power of an average Formula Drift car. Then again, Adam LZ won’t be using this project in FD, where he plans to share the seat with a currently unnamed RTR Drift Team driver for the 2023 season, which kicks off on April 7-8, in Long Beach, California. He’s also focusing on hosting an LZ World Tour drifting event, which you should hear more about in the coming months.

Besides, if the Wankel does make it to 11,000 rpm safely, the power will obviously go up. For the time being, though, this is more than enough for the driver to drift the Supra around his LZ Compound over in Orlando, Florida.

The Toyota sports goodies like electric power steering, a Winters Performance quick-change rear end, as well as the kind of suspension and steering hardware you’d expect for such a project. Plus, there’s a Haltec ECU managing the four-screamer, while the rear tires are 100-treadwear, 285-section units to fit the engine’s output.

In the video below, Adam gives his rotary Mk V Supra its drifting shakedown, explaining that he also plans to use the Toyota for “regular” track driving.

Who knew pro drifters would build some of the wildest Mk V Supras out there? Looking past the 1,000 hp built B58 example coming from Formula Drift team owner Steph Papadakis (he did the same for a Toyota GR86), there are other vicious options.

These range from the good old 2JZ Japanese drifter Daigo Saito put in his Toyota (cue to the Big Turbo) to American drifter Ryan Tuerck’s Formula Supra, which is animated by a Judd Racing V10 that sings the song of the N/A God.



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