BMW M3 Drag Races i4 M50 Electric Rival, Humiliation Follows

The new BMW M3 is powered by the best 3-liter straight-six out there, a twin-turbo powerhouse that produces 503 hp (510 PS). However, BMW somehow uses the same platform to make an EV which is even more powerful, the twin-motored i4 M50. And that’s pretty much unprecedented.

The i4 is a four-door coupe, not a sedan, but it’s essentially just an all-electric version of the 4 Series Gran Coupe. Many large components are shared, and they all have the controversial beaver-toothed front end. But nothing says “controversy” like this drag race video, since the acceleration of BMWs is so important.

The specs might suggest that the i4 M50 is going to be the winner. Electric cars are generally quicker off the line, and we’ve already seen this 536 horsepower (544 PS) beast take down a Tesla Model 3. And while 30 hp doesn’t seem like enough to overcome the 1000 extra pounds which the i4 is carrying, this usually doesn’t matter when you’ve also got extra torque.

Also, the M3 Competition being tested here is RWD, so it’s down on power, torque and traction. However, the outcome of the race is different from what the setup initially suggests. Thanks to its new 8-speed automatic, the M3 gets an acceptable launch and the small lead secured by the i4 M50 is gone in seconds.

i4 M50 has diffusers shaped like M3 exhausts

The M3 xDrive is already available and should make quicker work of the all-electric rival. But you have to admit, this horsepower war is getting out of hand if BMW is trying to defeat itself. Neither Audi nor AMG have a small sports sedan to match these two for acceleration.

The future is here; it’s just not quite as good as we expected. BMW, the maker of world-famous sports sedans has officially entered the electric car market. The iX may be more practical and different, but the automotive media just wants to see what the i4 M50 can do because it’s such an interesting car.

While the EV vs. ICE drag race is interesting, it’s probably not going to influence any buying decisions. The i4 M50 is still quicker in the real world, but it’s not a true M car, yet costs less and makes more power. Meanwhile, the M3 just has an unbeatable character and reputation. You just irrationally want one after decades of idolizing its predecessors.



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