BMW iX xDrive50 Drag Races X7 M50i, Results Are Unexpected

Who would have thought that BMW is BMW’s biggest rival? After seeing what the electric i4 M50 can do against an M3 sedan, we’ve got another epic drag race that checks the ICE vs EV gap: BMW iX xDrive50 vs BMW X7 M50i.

Because of BMW’s naming systems and the different fans these two SUVs attract, most people won’t know the specs on both cars. So we’ll start with that. The new boy is called the iX. While its design has been somewhat controversial, it’s quickly becoming a popular EV. Unlike the iX3, this is a fully tailored electric car that doesn’t share its parts with the normal SUV.

Only one setup is available for 2022, the iX xDrive50. US specs for this $85,000 vehicle give the dual-motor crossover 516 horsepower for a 0 to 60 time of 4.4 seconds. Carwow drag races a UK model, but the output is actually the same; they’re just reporting the metric output.

What’s the most powerful BMW iX?

Just last month, BMW revealed a performance version dubbed the iX M60, and that will make 619 hp. The other SUV does have its M setup equipped. You’re looking at the X7 M50i, which packs the familiar 4.4-liter twin-turbo V8, sending 523 hp to all wheels via a conventional xDrive system and 8-speed automatic. BMW declares that this $100,000 7-seater will reach 60 mph in 4.5 seconds.

That’s an impressive achievement from a good-looking and practical family SUV with luxury fittings. But can it really compare against BMW’s first electric SUV? Let’s find out. And by the way, there were plans to make a V12-powered X7 M60i, but it never happened. A hybrid with 600+ hp is still plausible.

The outcome of the race caught us off guard. You’d expect the EV to launch better, but it’s the X7 M50i in the lead initially. But the iX xDrive50 quickly recovers to win by almost two car lengths. The electric SUV crosses the 1/4-mile marker in 13 seconds dead, followed by the X7 with 13.2 seconds.

Not exactly the best results, considering these both have over 500 horsepower. But they weigh about as much as the G63, so we can’t complain.

Carwow likes to do rolling races too, and the electric BMW is naturally quicker because it’s “not messing around with gears.” And you’re not ready for this: the iX also stops better. What the heck are those M-badged brakes for, just showing off?



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