This Crazy DeLorean Drift Car Secretly Wants to Be a Corvette

Let’s imagine that Back to the Future characters Doc Brown and Marty McFly would travel forward in time and took a few moments to… check out the auto scene. Sure, with its flux capacitors, the Hollywood-famous DeLorean they drove would still be unique, but one thing they’d discover would be that fellow owners have a thing for V8 swaps. And while that’s understandable—the original came with a mediocre V6 at the back—an enthusiast named Alexandre Claudin took things to the next level, converting the 80s American sportscar to a front-engined layout as part of a drift car project.

Those of you following the drift scene might be familiar with Claudin’s name, not least thanks to his Daytona-winged 1968 Dodge Charger rocking a 5.0L V8 from an E39 BMW M5, a sideways instrument that has enjoyed fame via the new wave of cinematography (think: Netflix’s Hyperdrive show).

About two years ago, the enthusiast started working on the said DeLorean, with the project having made its competition debut earlier this month in Spain, where it managed to grab a top ten spot in an event dubbed Volrace.

Underneath the stainless steel panels that give the DeLorean its unmistakable finish, we find a custom tube frame that comes with BMW rear suspension bits.

The LS V8 is probably the world’s favorite engine swap choice and while LS-animated DeLoreans aren’t uncommon, this one sits north of the windshield, protruding through the hood to make things clear—the full cage found inside might also help with stating this car’s intentions.

Having sorted out the power and handling issues of the original, Claudin also fitted overfenders to cope with the wider tracks and the extended steering angle, with the rough overall look adding to the cool factor of the build.

So, what do you think: does this drifter’s habit of fitting retro machines with newer engines count as a trip through time?



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