Most Extreme Widebody MX-5? Tofu’s Cyberpunk NA Miata Is a Fastback With Carbon Fin

We love a good Miata build, and for the past few months, we’ve been quietly following one of the greatest NA projects ever. This is the Cyberpunk MX-5 Fastback by Tofu Auto Works, and it’s everything not like anything else out there.

They say that no two Mazda Miatas are the same, and the owner of this NA made extra sure his classic NA version of the MX-5 stood out. It’s got a one-off roof and widebody kit, tied in with a paint job that borrows from the world of Cyberpunk and the classic Akira anime.

Anime-themed Miatas are pretty common. But where most of those depict cheerful characters like Hatsune Miku or Zero Two, maybe some Naruto characters to show you’re edgy. This one goes all the way to the origins of dystopian sci-fi worlds, Akira. This classic inspired many modern films of the genre and the combination with Cyberpunk 2077 seems like a natural one.

The Akira bit is on the custom shark fin spoiler attached to the roof of the car. Finished in carbon fiber skin, this element has been bombarded with stickers, including the double-sided pill that reads “Good for Health. Bad for Education” and the Canon/Citizen corporate logos from the famous Akira red bike, which also inspires disk wheels for this 1990s icon.

Beyond, this custom bodywork is the work of a body shop god. The transformation started several months ago with the widebody makeover. More recently, the first-gen Mazda MX-5 also gained a fiberglass roof with lots of louvers, ending in a long speedtail-type spoiler. The carbon fin really sets it off!

And then there are smaller details that help the Cyberpunk dystopian future look like it’s a Miata rendered by Kyza 10 years ago. Most of the graphics are done by hand, paired with custom taillights and narrow LED headlights that barely pop open. An externally-mounted oil cooler connects this to Japan’s custom Hakosuka Skylines.



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