Rusty 1968 Dodge Charger Gets Crazy Supercharger After Sitting for 35 Years

We love a good barn find. There’s nothing quite like finding that old gem of a car that’s been sitting for decades and buying it for cheap. It’s especially sweet when you’re talking about an epic muscle car, like the original Dodge Charger.

Normal people just want to restore the car to perfect condition and gingerly drive it to car shows. However, life’s too short and crazy to wait for a decade-long restoration. And so, barn finds are getting more love than ever, where rust is now called “patina.”

YouTuber Westen Champlin is known for his crazy shenanigans. He once dumped a giant diesel engine into a Mustang, which ended up with the nickname Smoke Stang. He also slapped some snow tracks on a Ford Raptor to pick up some burgers. The locals in his town are probably expecting an earful of supercharger sounds because the mother of all blowers has been strapped to the original block of this 1968 Dodge Charger.

So much torque the rust will fall off

The car is in terrible condition, with multiple layers of paint mixing with rust. It’s probably been through a few crashes and the interior looks like an infestation. Even so, Dodge fanatics are going to cringe at what’s about to happen with the engine. Despite sitting for 35 years, the block is basically asked to double its efforts with the help of a supercharger that looks like it’s been stolen from a dragster.

“They’re heavy, they’re beautiful, and they’re practically the best thing man has ever invented. What we’re doing today is to put this big a** supercharger on Tater and we’re going to see if she does better burnouts and donuts,” Westen declares.

The install seems almost idiot-proof, but we know the YouTuber and his buddies actually have a decent amount of experience with old V8s and racing parts. Several days later and we have a muscle car out of the Mad Max dystopia, ready to burn tires at the slightest provocation. We’d call that a success.



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