1970 Dodge Challenger Shows Up at Estate Sale and It’s a Factory Sunroof Car

One could say that barn finds are like scales: one of the trays is occupied by the features of the vehicle, while the other keeps issues like the dreaded rust. It’s just that the balance is different depending on who’s holding it and we can already tell you that, for today, that first tray accommodates a 1970 Dodge Challenger with a factory sunroof.

The said model year was the first for the iconic Mopar coupe and this example showed up at a recent estate sale—unlike a yard sale, which involves getting rid of objects that are no longer needed, an estate sale normally involves offering a vast part of a person’s belongings, either due to the said person passing away or to support relocation.

YouTuber Dezzy’s Speed Shop attended the event and, given his passion for muscle cars and the fact that he happens to own a classic Dodge Challenger with a factory sunroof, he was naturally drawn to the old slab of America.

As the enthusiast explains in the clip below, the Dodge has quite a few things going for it, from being a rare bird (the man states only 197 sunroof cars were built for MY70) to packing a 340 ci (5.6L) four-barrel V8 mated to a four-speed manual to its Burnt Orange interior and exterior finish. Oh, and let’s not forget the fact that the machine seems to be rather complete.

Alas, the Washington plates on the car meant the weather wasn’t kind to the vehicle and this shows, as the lower side of the Challenger displays plenty of rust. Then there are the black body panels north of the dashboard, which probably mean the Dodge was involved in a serious crash back in the day.

The clip naturally answers the obvious scale-tipping question, but it does more than that, letting us know how certain people can get “competitive” and try to deceive one during such sales (13:37 timestamp), albeit with the vlogger’s Mopar experience allowing him to go home with a smile. That and a long list of parts that will come in handy over the years.



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