1968 Dodge Charger Is a Survivor With a Solid Underbody, Runs and Drives

Witnessing an important character of a movie hiding in a barn while being chased by [insert genre-dictated hazard here] is a scene we’re all too familiar with, but perhaps choosing such a hideout isn’t such a great idea anymore. You see, bars across American are being assaulted by muscle cars enthusiasts looking for machines that have withstood the caprices of time and, on a more serious note, this 1968 Dodge Charger seems to be one of these survivors.

In case you’re not familiar with the term “survivor” in the classic car context, this is a vehicle that has maintained its factory condition. And while each enthusiast might have a particular definition of what the perfect survivor should be, the general idea is for the vehicle to pack its original paint, parts, and even the interior, while the documents related to the original purchase should also be on the list.

Returning to this Mopar, it happens to belong to the first model year of the Gen II Charger—Dodge decided to leave the luxury vehicle image of the 1966 original behind, adopting a sportier image for the second iteration of the muscle car.

This example is animated by a 383 ci (6.3L) V8 with a two-barrel carb, while sporting a three-speed automatic gearbox.

As per the description above, the factory paint job is still present and while there’s some rust on this silver fox, the underbody of the car is said to be in great shape.

In fact, the Instagram label that currently has the car explains it bought this from the original owners four years ago, stating that the machine currently runs and drives.

However, anybody willing to give this old gal a future should probably perform a complete check. Speaking of which, the asking price for this ’68 Charger sits at $36,500 (€32,240 at the current exchange rates).

It is completely unmolested and very original. Runs and drives, drivetrain believed to be original […], VIN, fender tag, body stamps are present,” the Insta post below states.

This 1968 Dodge Charger was revived after 35 years and got a supercharger

As for why there’s so much spare room in the cabin, we are told that the vehicle will get its seats back—apparently, these had to be redone.

The Silver-on-Red combo easily catches the eye, even with all the dust and rust and we’re glad that the vehicle comes with a clean California title—the weather in the state is probably what contributed to that solid underbody.



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